• New York

Digital Onboarding and Banking
Experience Summit 2020


Postponed dates: TBD

  • New York

17th and 18th April 2020


#dox2020 Experience the power of Fintech in


Digital Onboarding and Banking Experience Summit loaded with a series Round Tables, Panel Discussions, revolutionary Case Studies, Keynotes presentations, smart solution exhibitions and collaborative platforms aims to bring together the TIER -1, delegates who are the key decision makers from the Industry leading companies, Startups, Vc’s and Universities. We aim to discuss the biggest challenges and discover the most efficient methodologies to improve Client Onboarding, Banking Experience and revolutionize the Fintech Industry forever.

Banking Revolution

Convenience owns up 90% of a customer’s loyalty. Trends toward mobile banking, increased accurate analytics and decentralization of access will create opportunities for all to interact in unprecedented ways.

The combination of the rapid pace of innovation in financial services in developing and emerging countries, is a unique opportunity to resolve some of the most intractable challenges of financial inclusion and reach consumers with high quality financial services.

Adventing Role of

Various FinTech themes that possess untapped potential to advance financial inclusion are being explored across the AFI network including Blockchain, KYC, AML, Big-Data, Cloud Computing and RegTech to enhance compliance with global standards for financial stability and integrity and domestic supervisory 

Looking further, the changes could be even more profound. The ways that we digitally manage our personal information could well come to completely redefine the human digital experience.

Future of
Digital Identities

In the short term, new solutions are likely to move us towards the promise of a single Digital ID that allows us to simply, safely and securely navigate a connected world.

At the same time act as a robust login tool for any and every online digital service we chose. Furthermore, the promise is that it could do all of this whilst affording more privacy to an individual than is currently the case.


"By Partnering with fintech, startups, banks will give their account holders the right measure of security and speed. Account holders can know that their money is safe and they can enjoy the latest financial technology. This is the way to become a digital bank."
-Chris Skinner

Our Speakers

Brian Greenberg

Director, Chief Data Officer

BNY Mellon

Brock Dubbles

VP, Experience Design & Innovation

Bank Of America

Rukesh Reddy

Director, Digital Transformation


Omer Aslam

Senior Vice President


Serena Palumbo

Chief Data Protection Officer


Yariv Ten-Ami

VP, Head of Financial Crime Compliance

Goldman Sachs

Edward J. Achtner (EJ)

Head of Digital Banking & Strategic Change


Ranobroto Dutta

Head of Engineering

TD Bank

Pei Chen



Nicole Wachs


Wells Fargo

Luis M. Cifuentes Larrain

Chief Compliance Officer

Banco Bradesco

Why Attend?

“By 2025, an estimated 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI technology.” - Forbes

Concise Agenda

Discover a series of keynotes, case studies and round tables, delivered by true visionaries, discussing the challenges and exploring the best practices, covered in our concise module. A thoroughly researched agenda and interactive networking programs would help you gain subject matter expertise and best in class skill set.

Stimulate your Business

Exponential promotional campaigns and Horizon Start-up program is a resolute collaborative platform for Startups and VC’s. Enabling industry-specific startups an opportunity to signify and collaborate with industry heavyweights and VC’s. A win-win dynamic is created for the companies aiming to expand their businesses.

Smart Event Experience

With our events averaging 144 self-organized attendee meet-ups our smart networking application would help you maintain smart-profiles, suggest AI powered matchmaking, connect, network and set-up one on one meetings. Sharing files and maintaining all inclusive collaborative relations is made easy, enabling you to make the most out of your time.


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Who Should Attend?

  • Head of Design
  • Global Head of Client Solutions
  • Head of Digital Service Delivery
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Client Onboarding Officer
  • Digital Onboarding Officer
  • Head of Identity and Access Management
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Head of Digital Innovation
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Anti Money Laundering Officer
  • MLRO
  • Risk management Officer
  • Head of Product Management
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Compliance officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Business Development Director
  • Head of Data and Analytics
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Fraud Management Officer

Topics Covered

Digital Identity
Global Banking
Machine Learning
Open Banking
Design thinking
Innovation Banking
Intellegent Banking Experience
Human-Centric Approach
Real-Time Analytics
Future Banking Models
Next-Gen Banking
Artificial Intelligence
Behavioural Analytics
Wearable-Tech Banking
Blockchain Feautring KYC&AML
Omni- Channel Experience
Human-Centred Approach
Cross-Selling Equations
Nimble Methodologies

An A-listing event experience with a spotless venue, smart networking applications, Horizon Partnership Platform and fine dining services, enabling our delegates to make the most out of their time in a business class environment.

Exhibit, Speak, Network and Brainstorm solutions among Industry leaders. A win-win dynamic is created to make your time and efforts lucrative for years to come.

Provision for innovative start-ups, leading solution providers, and cutting-edge product developers in field.
Bringing together, key decision makers representing the world’s largest organizations across industries, academia, and government organizations, bespoke to the agenda. Making the conference appropriate and productive in all aspects.

Equipping ourselves with our Zeus Partnership platform, Horizon Start-up Elevate Program, Round Tables and Closed door One On One Meetings in our arsenal we make sure you get, The Right kind of exposure for the Right kind of audience.

“What’s happening in finance is what has already happened in music. Spotify digitized it, made it easier to access, more convenient and cost-efficient. People can access 20m songs for £10 a month, rather than £1 per song as before. A very similar change is going to happen with money and financial services.” – Gerd Leonard

Why Sponsor?

Why Us?

Take your business miles ahead of the game

Our dedicated Research Team tracks down the right people for collaboration, so you can save time and focus on networking, gather subject matter expertise and explore innovative solutions.

Intelligent tools will help you set up one-on-one meetings with industry leaders, share files, brainstorm ideas, and make your real- time communication at the conference highly efficient.
A concise module covering the entire event, compiled for training purposes, to be made available post-conference, exclusively for the attendees.

We intend to provide access, credibility and opportunity from within the Office of the C-suite. Through a process of continual innovation, redesign, and re-alignment we create events and summits that, instigate thought leading collaboration between a community of IT leaders and the visionaries behind the technologies that aid them in their endeavors.

Community Partner

New horizon start-up program

Bring your A game to the conference

Horizon Start-up Program embodies big-ideas into reality! DOX 2020 will empower start-ups to take themselves to the peak by providing all access to the VC’s panel, intelligent partnership platforms, and Seamlesss potential clientele from the analogous industry. The perks include Product Exhibiting among industry veterans, Speaking and dedicated campaigns running throughout our media channels.

Join us in New York City on
17th and 18th April 2020.
Venue: TBD

New York City, America